Online Casino Free Spins

Online Casinos with Free SpinsWhen we talk about free spins on online casino, they are just but a formula to attract more slot players to join the casino. Most of the casinos offer promotions that can be tempting. These promotions include bonuses, absolutely free credits to play, and even deposit or no deposit bonuses. Of all these promotions, free spins are the one that seem enticing for slot players. This is because they offer players with a chance of trying their luck free at the casino. If they win at the slots, they are cashed with real payouts. But also, not all casinos have same free spins because of different conditions.

Different types of online casino free spins

Free Spin that does not Require Deposits

This kind of promotion is that one which is very popular of all as it does not need a player to do any deposit. Normally, the promotion is awarded to those player who are logging in for the first time. If players win the free spins, they are required to make some small deposits so that they can be able to cash out. However, there are some online casinos that do not need someone to make a deposit for him/her to cash out. Normally, what a player needs to get the payout after winning the free spin promotion is a method to withdraw and a player account.

Free Spins but with a Deposit BonusOnline Casino Games with Free Spins

This kind of promotion is that one which there is a bonus given for any deposit made. Players should be very keen with this type of slot promotion as there are many requirements to adhere to.

Free Spins + Deposit Bonus

This kind of offer is only available in specific casinos, whereby you earn a bonus when you deposit certain amount of money. On top of the bonus, you are awarded some free spins, but with some conditions to fulfil first.
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Who Wants to Be a Stallionaire

Who Wants to Be a StallionaireDid I tell you that what made me to go through the world of pokies? I was in America during my summer vacation with my uncle; we were watching a serial which was very famous here. As a student it was in my habit to go about the search of anything which I like. I made a search about the serial and I was astonished to see the TRP of this show. During surfing, I found a link which resembled like the serial. I went for that and found that it was a famous game on the gambling websites The name was “Who wants to be a stallionaire”. After having supper, I started playing through my android phone. The concept of taking this title is actually based on the theme. This is themed with a horse which features a big win in form of prizes. If you want a sure reward, bet for the horse.

who wants to be a stallionaire slotsThis is a 3 reel with single line of pay slot machine which makes it the simplest one. The basic thing which a user has to do is match the symbols which are of same kind or we can say identical in a line. There are many kinds of symbols being depicted on the interface such as carrots, cigars, bars etc. These can be used for smaller wins and if you want for bigger one you will have to hit three cars in a row. I was very happy because I won many bonuses and credits. I was fortunate that I even won smart amount of cashes too which gave me the feeling of being a millionaire.

I would like to suggest the users to go through this only when you have spared time rather than making it in habit of making real money.

The Dark Knight- The game I can’t forget

Dark Knight slot gameThe Dark Knight, another milestone in the cinema and also my favorite. I really liked the way this tory has put me dwelled into it continuously for hours. It is my habit from the time I grew up that I love to analyze the things and to explore them in the best possible way to take out the maximum from it. This is what we call the proper management and the optimum utilization of the resources available. The same thing applies to the gambling industry. The proper management is the only key that can open the doors of the luck, success, and the bucks into your pocket.

As the newbie when I started, it was a big dilemma, to move in which direction. It felt like I am in a pool but don’t know how to swim. But later on, I decided to be focused and to learn the minor details of this world went for the search on casino review website like It was the dark knight that was the starter for me, I chose it as someone told me that the slot machines are the basic and mostly used by the punters because of the highest jackpot being offered. This pokie game teaches a lot to me for being a better player.

I found some sort of difficulties while playing initially, so I went for the search of the user manual which helped me a lot in going through the game. It was the lack of the practice and so-called knowledge too that made my mind blank. But fortunately, I never went in the loss because I never made wrong moves. I was very happy with the win and got many prizes which give me the feeling as if I am the kind of dark. I would like to suggest the readers to go through this one and enjoy it.

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Spend Some Amazing Time With Skull Doggery Online Pokies

I used to be a big time player, I started playing poker during my freshman year, at first I used to play a couple hours a day, but after some time the duration get increased with the rapid rate. Which affected my studies very badly, and my first year’s result was pathetic. So I decided to take a leap and quit it for some time but failed in doing so. After that, I went in depression phase for some time.

After some days there was New Year’s Eve. On that night I took the resolution that I will stay in my limits and will not play online pokies for more than 2 hours a day. And I managed that routine for three months. After that, this classmate of me told me about this new slot game which was trending rapidly, the game’s name was the “skull Duggery.” Actually, we were coming from a party and he was going to a sleepover at my place, and we decided to play on our android phones by login some of the online gambling websites like

There he told me about the latest slot he was playing that time, and when I came to know that it is themed on the pirates. I couldn’t resist and play that all night long. When it comes to sea and pirates, I really can’t resist them. I have seen all the parts of the movie “pirates of the Caribbean.” the movie has always fascinated me from the very first part. The work of Johnny Depp was amazing throughout the series. We really had some great time at that night. But since that night whenever I see him my blood just begin to boil. For obvious reasons, it was him because of my promise broke out. And today is the day when I have learned to maintain the balance between gaming and studies.

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Download and Play Riding on Wheel of Plenty an Awesome Australian Online pokies for Free

Riding on Wheel of PlentyDid you know that last summer when I was in Sydney I had a lot of fun playing pokies online? I was there for a fun trip and wanted to have some fun playing Wheel of Plenty for free, so searched for the reviews for online casino gambling on I used to get advices and motivation from him because he is the most experienced one. I reached out there by night and had my chow and started surfing through my iPad. I got plenty of suggestion but I was in search of the game which was suggested by my uncle which was Wheel of Plenty. He also suggested me that whenever you go for any search of new one, first thing which you should go with are its rounds of bonuses provided, the graphics and the most important one is the jackpot.

Riding on Wheel of PlentyThis one has three reels with one line of pay. The strategy of this one very simple one, the thing which you will have to do is to just spin the reels and if are matching three symbols across the line you will be rewarded the associated prizes. The interface is full of many wild symbols such as lemons, candies in the basic round and you will get many credits as you move on in the rounds. The biggest award is being provided when you hit the logo of the wheel which will give you the feel as if you are on the ride the vehicle full of prizes. While playing any type of pokies if I get any difficulties I use make the complete read of manual provided.
I also went for the cheat codes also to win maximum bonuses and even cash too but I was not fortunate in that. I gambled without that and won too. Overall experience of this one was much better and I was in gain too. Try it, you will love it.

Find Your Lucky Day with – Your Lucky Day Online Slot Machine

A few miles from my apartment, there is a great pub called “mc larens.” I go there almost every day to meet up with my best buddies. Actually we are five friends, and all have this very strong bond in between. Two of them are with me in college, I know them since then they are actually married. They got married last year as they were dating for a very long time. And one is my crush and very good friend and the other one is the coolest, Barney.

And today I will be talking about him so much. I don’t know from where the hell he has arrived, he is a very fun loving guy, used to have fun all the time, never get serious, bit of a stalker, loves girls, bluffing, partying, and the very important thing gambling.

If I would say that gambling is his better half then I may not be using the hyperbola. His obsessions with the games and all are just at extreme. He tried to indulge me too in all this with the same intensity but couldn’t. But yesterday he bring me this new slot game called the “your lucky day.” The title seemed pretty familiar at first then I remembered that it was derived from a television show. Which I used to see daily on TV as well as on my mobile on one of the famous site named as, so I showed some interest in that and invited him over with some beer and show me how to play.

I can’t really describe how happy he was hearing that, he was literally jumping with joy. Then he came over stated me how to play and I conquered that it was really based on the theme of that TV show. It has five reels and twenty pay lines along with three scatter symbols. I really enjoyed this one because of my interest in the theme and guess what he also win major jackpot today as I was there to be his lucky mascot.

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Play Agent Jane Blonde Online Casino Slot Machine and Win Amazing Jackpots

Agent Jane Blonde Online Casino SlotThis post contains about the experience and the life which I spend last month when I was on birthday celebration of my friend in Canberra. We were in a plan to stay there for week and to rock the place and to go for gambling and of course having hard drink too. By evening we reached over there and decided to roam next morning which was not accepted by me and two of my friend. So we decided to go to pub after having our supper. But consuming alcohol made me to feel uneasy and next morning I was not in the situation to go.

I was feeling bad sitting all alone in the hotel room. I usually use to go for online pokies so I started making search of any which game which can give me the feeling pleasure and I found Agent Jane Blonde. If you really want to thrill the world you should try this one. Basically it is the game a superspy who is characterized as sexy view. This contains 5 reels and 9 numbers of lines of pay. The visual effect is really awesome and will not allow peeping out of its environment.

Agent Jane Blonde Online Casino SlotThe interface of this one is filled with wild scattering of the symbols and the blonde agent. You will have to overcome all the plans of enemy in which she is going to help you by the clues and regulations of finding. Finding three or more scattered symbols of the blonde will help in winning this and getting some bonuses too, which will give you the feel as if you are a detective. The theme is very different from any other whichever I am known; you will fall in love with the agent and its actions will please you. I won many prizes by defeating the enemies.

Fill Your Wallet with 5 Reel Drive Online Pokies with No Deposits Bonus

5 Reel Drive Online Pokies Being online is something where you will never remain empty pocket. It is a place of so much useful information of any kind and so a nice pathway to grab knowledge and keep always updated. If someone asks me about its interference, I can blindly say that it’s a part of my life. I can’t sustain frankly if the internet connection is not there for me. On hearing anything new, the first thing that strike to my mind is the web world. I use to Google the term and explore each and everything related to it to be more aware and familiar with the changes going around and also to be compatible with them.

This is actually the need of the hour to have the proper utilization of the technology to be always updated. This is why I love to be tech freak and be in touch with my gadgets most of the time. Because of this habit, I played a lot of pokies. This happens on my tour to Sydney when at the night we all planned to have something full of excitement and fun giving. Then one of my team mates suggested the 5 Reel Drive, an amazing pokie game and so for searching the reviews went online on website. At first some of us refused as a risk of loss. Then we planned to take some risk and give it a try and have some thrill.

It was really unforgettable moment when I felt goose bumps as the excitement and trial was on its peak. The excitement and a nervousness of being in a new world is something I tasted after my school exams given few years back. I also realized that the utmost confidence, focus and the rigorous practice with the patience are some of the qualities that lead any player to the top. Else falling into the loss is not so far if you lose the focus for a while. It is a place of immense thrill and uncertainty with the luck must favor for sure. Some may into believe this, but this reality only came to you after having the taste of the same on your own. Also a better management of the money is something you should take care of.

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