The oldest and largest iGaming providers in the online gaming sector are microgames. They have a selection of slots games in quality and volume, therefore overcoming these games is really difficult. When playing with microgames you will have the best attention, whether you decide to play in avant-garde 3D graphics, classic slots, retro progressive jackpots or other slot machines of your choice. Obviously, when playing online casinos the goal is to get the jackpot, this will be a key factor to enter the microgames. In order for you to have more information about the best-paid Microgaming games, a thorough evaluation has been carried out, which will be presented below.

Jurassic Park

In micro gaming one of the most impressive and attractive games due to the visual scrolling effects to play Jurassic Park, of course, this game is based on the successful film by Steven Spielberg. The dinosaurs and the characters are represented in the symbols in a perfect way. The most important thing in this game, in any case, is not the details of its characters, but this microgame has a very large payment slot. The ways of winning oscillate in a quantity of 243 and the combinations in the rollers of the adjacent symbols are very varied, therefore you will be able to obtain any payments when turning them. To obtain an accumulation in the game, the RTP gives the player a position at 96.67%, with that he will achieve bonus rounds, as well as knowing the special characteristics that Jurassic Park offers.

The activation of the game at the beginning is random, so when starting the T-Rex will be activated in alert mode throughout the game. The possibility of aligning winning combos will obtain it through 6 turns of the reels stacked in 35 wild symbols. By obtaining three scatter symbols the reels will be activated, the free spins bonus in the round and you will be able to achieve the highest payouts. In the case that the T-Rexen appears, the game becomes 5 reels, and at the same time, you can be playing a round of 12 free spins through the bonus of Tyrannosaurus Rex. You can choose free bonuses of five rounds once you have played 25 times free spins. The variation between the numbers of free spins offered by each dinosaur is very interesting in this game since each one has its own characteristics and generally give 12 free spins, but for example, the Brachiosaurus has a mysterious multiplier in each round and also the Triceratops presents wild cards in the running round. In short, you can be receiving payments permanently while you are making the game.

Immortal romance

Immortality and mystery are part of this popular game of Microgaming slots. It is a love story between a mysterious vampire and a mortal woman where this game is developed. The genre of vampire stories has become very popular today, so this game is not surprising when you find it in a slot machine in online casinos. During the development of the game, you will find many captivating and interesting phases since the characteristics of this love story between Sara and Michael are really gratifying for the players due to the large payments that are obtained.

The wild card is the logo of the game. Which substitutes the rest of the symbols, in addition to the scatter wild itself that also helps to double the gain. The spin camera will be activated with bonuses in the game when the scatter symbol appears three times on the reels. This way you can accumulate some important payments since initially, the game gives you 10 free spins, which are multiplied by 5x. It is important to know that the most rewarding functions will be unlocked when entering the rotation chamber more times. The winnings will increase the multiplier in each stage and that, in turn, will increase the number of turns with extra rolling reels, thus the symbols will be transformed into additional random wildcards of substitution. Within the selection that has been evaluated, it is important to highlight that this game has 243 ways to win and a performance of 96.8% for the player, therefore, it is one of the games that best pay.

Lucky goblin

Due to the great fame of the elves as part of a symbol of luck, the micro gaming developers wanted to honor the fate of the Irish. Due to this, they have of course a groove based on goblins, and it is represented through this game with a spectacular soundtrack at the beginning and images of the original Esmeralda Island that shows its great splendor. In addition to these features that certainly calls the attention of this game, the most outstanding thing is that its success is linked to a payment rate of 96.83%, being the slot that pays highest in micro gaming. The amounts of the payments are highly significant to achieve a winning combo, and this can be in any of its 20 pay lines. In the same way, this game can help you increase your profits with incredible rewarding features that appear during the game.

The rollers can find stacked regularly the wild symbol, which will generate some payments. In this game, you will find two scatter symbols, which allows you to obtain different bonuses in each in each round respectively. You can get 5 free spins if a scatter symbol appears on the reel 5 of clover coin. In addition, you will have a 2x gain multiplier with this. In the same way, you will get even bigger profits every time an additional clover appears, this through the game allows you free bonuses and free spins that are added in addition and increase your multiplier. The pot of gold is the other symbol of dispersion.

The Trailer O ‘Fortune bonus round will activate when one of the scatter symbols appears three or more times on the reels. This game is really besides being one of the most paid, it is very entertaining, as you can discover the emeralds on the way and get additional turns, go further by going through the rainbow bridges or move the wheel towards the pot of gold when spinning the rollers. If it manages to reach the end, the gains will be much higher, it can even reach 1000x since the gain multiplier increases when moving away from the bonus path.

Once you have identified the games with the slots that pay the most, get ready to play in the slot machines, since both the quality of the images, the special effects and the ability to have sharpness of the characters, will connect you with a game entertaining, simple and rewarding, because the profits you can get will be the best in terms of slot games. Place your bets and play.