A few miles from my apartment, there is a great pub called “mc larens.” I go there almost every day to meet up with my best buddies. Actually we are five friends, and all have this very strong bond in between. Two of them are with me in college, I know them since then they are actually married. They got married last year as they were dating for a very long time. And one is my crush and very good friend and the other one is the coolest, Barney.

And today I will be talking about him so much. I don’t know from where the hell he has arrived, he is a very fun loving guy, used to have fun all the time, never get serious, bit of a stalker, loves girls, bluffing, partying, and the very important thing gambling.

If I would say that gambling is his better half then I may not be using the hyperbola. His obsessions with the games and all are just at extreme. He tried to indulge me too in all this with the same intensity but couldn’t. But yesterday he bring me this new slot game called the “your lucky day.” The title seemed pretty familiar at first then I remembered that it was derived from a television show. Which I used to see daily on TV as well as on my mobile on one of the famous site named as playonlinepokies.com.au, so I showed some interest in that and invited him over with some beer and show me how to play.

I can’t really describe how happy he was hearing that, he was literally jumping with joy. Then he came over stated me how to play and I conquered that it was really based on the theme of that TV show. It has five reels and twenty pay lines along with three scatter symbols. I really enjoyed this one because of my interest in the theme and guess what he also win major jackpot today as I was there to be his lucky mascot.

Start playing and enjoy a full fun with lucky day slot game.