I used to be a big time player, I started playing poker during my freshman year, at first I used to play a couple hours a day, but after some time the duration get increased with the rapid rate. Which affected my studies very badly, and my first year’s result was pathetic. So I decided to take a leap and quit it for some time but failed in doing so. After that, I went in depression phase for some time.

After some days there was New Year’s Eve. On that night I took the resolution that I will stay in my limits and will not play online pokies for more than 2 hours a day. And I managed that routine for three months. After that, this classmate of me told me about this new slot game which was trending rapidly, the game’s name was the “skull Duggery.” Actually, we were coming from a party and he was going to a sleepover at my place, and we decided to play on our android phones by login some of the online gambling websites like playonlinepokies.com.au.

There he told me about the latest slot he was playing that time, and when I came to know that it is themed on the pirates. I couldn’t resist and play that all night long. When it comes to sea and pirates, I really can’t resist them. I have seen all the parts of the movie “pirates of the Caribbean.” the movie has always fascinated me from the very first part. The work of Johnny Depp was amazing throughout the series. We really had some great time at that night. But since that night whenever I see him my blood just begin to boil. For obvious reasons, it was him because of my promise broke out. And today is the day when I have learned to maintain the balance between gaming and studies.

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