Who Wants to Be a StallionaireDid I tell you that what made me to go through the world of pokies? I was in America during my summer vacation with my uncle; we were watching a serial which was very famous here. As a student it was in my habit to go about the search of anything which I like. I made a search about the serial and I was astonished to see the TRP of this show. During surfing, I found a link which resembled like the serial. I went for that and found that it was a famous game on the gambling websites playonlinepokies.com.au. The name was “Who wants to be a stallionaire”. After having supper, I started playing through my android phone. The concept of taking this title is actually based on the theme. This is themed with a horse which features a big win in form of prizes. If you want a sure reward, bet for the horse.

who wants to be a stallionaire slotsThis is a 3 reel with single line of pay slot machine which makes it the simplest one. The basic thing which a user has to do is match the symbols which are of same kind or we can say identical in a line. There are many kinds of symbols being depicted on the interface such as carrots, cigars, bars etc. These can be used for smaller wins and if you want for bigger one you will have to hit three cars in a row. I was very happy because I won many bonuses and credits. I was fortunate that I even won smart amount of cashes too which gave me the feeling of being a millionaire.

I would like to suggest the users to go through this only when you have spared time rather than making it in habit of making real money.